Thursday, 1 December 2011

Partial finishes projects

Since I've been pregnant our house has been filled with partial finishes projects. We have the pile of boxes in the corner that have yet to be un-packed since we moved, in April... The partially reupholstered living room furniture... The half completed baby room and my closet contents are now all over my bed room because I was organizing when half way through Chloƫ woke up from her nap.

So far the list of projects completed is far out weighed by the list of projects to do and not yet completed. Babies make it hard to get anything done, just to get my morning coffee can be quiet the juggling act. I'm typing this whole thing right now with one hand because I need to hold my little one in the other as she falls asleep (I'm really hoping that once I lay her down on the bed that she'll sleep long enough for me to get dressed.)

Today my goals are simple: wash up (because smelling and looking like a homeless hooker is just not becoming), get dressed in something other than a milk stained tan top and a pair of leggings, finish organizing the closet and for extra credit if I get the chance hang up the art work in the bedroom. I will let you know how do...

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